1st Update

I’ve just uploaded the first update for London Tube Genie to the Android market, only a week after it was released. The motivation for doing this so soon was to fix a few bugs, that resulted in the app crashing when someone rotates the phone repeatedly while an internet connection is unavailable. Strange, but that’s the way Android works!

In addition to bug fixes, larger text and some subtle menu changes that most people won’t notice, I added a tube map. The first time a user wants to view the map, it is downloaded from TFLs website to the SD card, under Android/data/com.TubeGenie.app/files.

Did you know that the tube map is protected by copyright? By simply providing a link that downloads the map that TFL provide for free already, I’m fairly sure this doesn’t count as reproduction, and I shouldn’t have to pay licensing fees. Let’s see how that goes.

The other major change in version 1.1 is a name change, to London Tube Genie. The reasoning behind both the name change, and the addition of a tube map is to attempt to make London Tube Genie appear higher in Android market searches for phrases such as “London tube”, “London Underground”, etc. It seems that apps with the word “London” in the title are more likely to appear on the first page of results for these searches. Also, there are apps which do absolutely nothing except provide a map that dwarf London Tube Genie both in popularity and in search result position on the Android market. It will be interesting to see what effect these changes actually have!

I’ve got a few ideas for features that will be saved for a major update, in the next few months. Until then feel free to write to me to report bugs or suggest more features, and you can still get the freshly renamed London Tube Genie here.


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